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Luxe interiors + design – Arizona – May/June 2016

They wanted a rock star house,” says architect and general contractor Andy Byrnes of the Paradise Valley dwelling he designed for homeowners Deborah and Kevin Pshebniski, a couple with one teenage son. “It needed to have a wow factor in terms of execution, finishes, furniture, art and the views.” Indeed, when the Pshebniskis decided to […]

Napa Valley Register – South Napa Center debuts piece

Artist Peter Deise is so attached to his newest sculpture that he drove two days from his home in Arizona to personally deliver the 3,500-pound artwork to its intended resting place in Napa. The orange steel piece was installed on Wednesday between two new buildings under construction at the South Napa Century Center. After the […]


The Forge Pizza – Oakland, CA

Urban Daddy really, really likes The Forge Pizza that just opened at Jack London Square. Built and designed by The Construction Zone, ltd., with many of the finishing touches and accessories by customatic.com.  I can definitely see why Yelp San Francisco is loving The Forge, even before they opened shop today. Here are a few […]

Installing Architectural Steel

Installing Architectural Steel Skins Sheets of steel can be installed as a skin. CZ has traditionally used screws to install steel sheets. Since 2008, CZ has been using 3M VHB [very high bonding] double sided tape. Reasons to specify tape construction: – expresses the materiality without visual interruption of screws – 7 step installation process, […]

Getting your home ready for fall/winter

While the rest of the United States is saddened that summer is ending, Arizonans look forward to cooler temperatures.  Time to dust off our bicycles, sweep the patio and ponder what to plant in the garden. 9 critical seasonal home maintenance tasks: change filters for HVAC unit. trim the vegetation and overgrowth  around the exterior […]

Desert Oasis

Growing up in the Northeast, pools were almost always above ground and made of cheap aluminum. These water vessels are also only accessible for 3 months of the year and the landscaping design also takes backseat, a tragedy for any backyard oasis. After college and living in the Southwest, I’ve come to see that you […]


Out of town work

It’s hard enough to build custom residential projects in your own town, but what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone?  When the economy tanked, Phoenix was one of the hardest hit markets.  Our business significantly declined through both a lack of available jobs and intensely fierce competition for the jobs that were […]

CZ Glazing

In the world of ‘custom’ glazing, the term “that can’t be done” or “we don’t do it that way” is too often heard.  After years of hearing “no” from glazing subcontractors, The Construction Zone, Ltd. started its own glazing company ‘CZ glazing’.   With 100+ custom steel glazing projects under our belts, CZ glazing has engineered […]