Reinvention Symposium 2011 “More is More”

The past few years of economic downturn has placed an enormous pressure on residential architects throughout the United States.  With fewer viable projects available, it is challenging to consistently move forward; inline with one’s original business model and methods.  The eighth annual Reinvention Symposium, held at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel & Resort, was a great opportunity to view new practice models that innovative architects have used to survive these challenging times and to gain a strong foothold for thriving again, once the economy surges ahead.

With many great Architects/Builders in attendance, the 3 day conference allowed plenty of time for connections and new ideas to take root.  Rick Joy, AIA ( Rick Joy Architects Ltd.), led off with the Keynote Address: “Progress Report: Adapting and Evolving.”  The theme of evolution was consistent throughout the conference and almost every talk or discussion involved some aspect of adapting, integration and/or sustainability.   Even Will Bruder, (Will Bruder + Partners Ltd.) trained as an artist and evolved into an accomplished architect throughout his continuing professional career.  It is said that he “elevates every building type that he touches – from a humble car wash to a white water rafting company headquarters.”  Phoenix’s Burton Barr Central Library is considered his iconic achievement to date and he has built a rich collection of other civic structures.

The symposium opened many doors and new opportunities for us, here at the construction zone. We thoroughly enjoyed what Andrew van Leeuwen (Build llc) had to share of his adventures and hobby of blogging.  This is his take on Reinvention 2011, along with great imagery and wit, I’m sure that you will enjoy the read.

We were also able to re-connect with a few other notable names like Lake / Flato Architects, Wendell Burnette and the Jones Studio brothers, Eddie and Neal.  It was an honor to be selected to speak at the Reinvention Symposium 2011 by Hanley Wood, we hope to return again in 2012 and to share further insight into adapting and evolving within the residential building industry.