Getting your home ready for fall/winter

While the rest of the United States is saddened that summer is ending, Arizonans look forward to cooler temperatures.  Time to dust off our bicycles, sweep the patio and ponder what to plant in the garden.

9 critical seasonal home maintenance tasks:

  1. change filters for HVAC unit.
  2. trim the vegetation and overgrowth  around the exterior of home.
  3. clean your gutters and drains
  4. inspect gas appliances / especially your pool heater and bbq
  5. adjust the watering schedule on your irrigation system
  6. test and replace batteries in Fire & Smoke Alarms.
  7. install window/door screens, repairing as needed.
  8. schedule seasonal pest control.
  9. inspect weather-stripping around doors and replace as needed

Williams Residence – Paradise Valley, AZ

Koliopoulos Residence – Phoenix, AZ

Stephan Residence – Great Falls, VA

Schulman Residence – Phoenix, AZ


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