Installing Architectural Steel

Installing Architectural Steel Skins

Sheets of steel can be installed as a skin. CZ has traditionally used screws to install steel sheets. Since 2008, CZ has been using 3M VHB [very high bonding] double sided tape.

Reasons to specify tape construction:

– expresses the materiality without visual interruption of screws

– 7 step installation process, must be done correctly for overhead installation

– permanent install, it is very difficult to remove panels without ruining them

– panels are better supported/tend to lay flat, no dimpling/”oil-canning” caused by screws

– tape is viscoelastic, allows steel to expand/contract without weakening the bond

– tape separates the steel from the substrate and reduces vibration/dampens sound transfer

– interior panels can be hung by continuous tape to create an airtight construction

Reasons to specify screw installation:

– expresses the construction method, nothing is hidden

– simple installation [layout screw holes, drill, install]

– requires less skilled crew to install

– less expensive installation

– screws can be adjusted/shimmed if there are any irregularities in the installation

– panels are easily removed if there is a reason to access the framing/wall interiors

Merlin Ellis, AIA Architect

The Construction Zone, ltd.


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