Launches – March 2012

The Construction Zone, Ltd. has decided to utilize our unique abilities and infrastructure to craft a new company that offers american made, hand-crafted products. is focused on your modern home, personal accessories and specialty goods. is premiering in select markets Spring 2012. is a new company that partners two architects/design/builders (Andy Byrnes & Matt Muller, and the team at The Construction Zone, ltd.,, a talented industrial designer (Simone Mussa), and a seasoned advertising executive Tim Weil (Barrington Media Group.)

The products are designed using everyday materials in an honest and highly crafted way. Much of our raw material is recycled from inventory left over from our custom modern projects. To start we have a modern chess set, made from precision machined steel pipe pieces and an end grain walnut and ash board. Other initial offerings include the chalk clock, aluminum powder coated hangers, and our classic CZ bathroom hardware. Future offerings will include the bottoms up wine bottle holder and a modern rugged fireplace tool set.

We plan to release two or three new products each month. We will need feedback from the marketplace and clients/ friends.  What modern home products would you like to see created or designed in the near future?  Thanks for your input!

the kings men – modern chess set


chalk clock


modern coat hangers


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