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In the world of ‘custom’ glazing, the term “that can’t be done” or “we don’t do it that way” is too often heard.  After years of hearing “no” from glazing subcontractors, The Construction Zone, Ltd. started its own glazing company ‘CZ glazing’.   With 100+ custom steel glazing projects under our belts, CZ glazing has engineered a method and process that results in completely custom steel window and door application, where the answer can always be “yes”.

 nine solutions for challenges in the custom glazing industry.

1.      Custom fabrication from standard steel sections vs pre-manufactured sections – CZ glazing builds up all window and door sections from standard pieces of flat bar, angle, or channel.  This results in an unlimited number of applications that will not be restricted by the limitations of a pre-manufactured section.
2.      The ability to engineer our sections allows for larger unobstructed glass panes with minimal millions.  We can design and install glazing units as large as the glass industry can manufacture.
3.      You name it, we will finish it: natural, galvanized, painted, and powder-coated.
4.      We field measure it, fabricate it, and install it –anywhere in the USA.  Let the finger pointing end, CZ glazing does it all.
5.      Our delivery method allows for the appropriate combination shop and field fabrication to fit the needs of your project budget and schedule.  Simple opening – we can fabricate off site and install complete units.  Complicated openings –  we can site fabricate to fit  each special opening.  Somewhere in between – we can hybridize our delivery method to suit the project needs.
6.      Prefer a mixed look? – CZ glazing and integrate custom or pre-manufactured wood / aluminum operable units.
7.      A uniquely modern architectural appeal sets CZ glazing apart from traditional sections and aesthetics that currently define the steel glazing industry.
8.      You want to be in control?  – Architects can custom design sections and details / fabricated to project specifications.
9.      Seamless integration with interior and exterior finishes creates an integrated overall solution.

For more detailed information about custom steel glazing:

Desert Courtyard at Desert Mountain Estates – Scottsdale, AZ

Linde Residence

3300 by Jones Studio, Inc.

Brown Residence by Lake|Flato Architects


Aerie 31 by The Construction Zone, ltd.

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