Desert Oasis

Growing up in the Northeast, pools were almost always above ground and made of
cheap aluminum. These water vessels are also only accessible for 3 months
of the year and the landscaping design also takes backseat, a tragedy for
any backyard oasis.

After college and living in the Southwest, I’ve come to see that you can use your
pool year-round and it can be the focal point of your landscape design.

9 key features of a great pool design:

– an amazing backdrop/view.
– reflections
– infinity edge.
– watch a sunset/sunrise while submerged up to your neck.
evaporative cooling
– concrete construction, glass tile or polished stone finishes
– integration of a fire feature or shaded seating area.
– hot tub/ jacuzzi is integral to the design.
-landscape, architecture, and function combine to make a desert oasis

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