We are not expensive, we just happen to build a lot of expensive projects.

~  Andy Byrnes, The Construction Zone, ltd.

We charge the same or less for our fees and mark-up the same as each of our competitors.  All we do is add up the amount of stuff we have to buy and figure how long it takes to install.  Everything that we do is done to the best of our abilities.  If a client chooses a $3 tile or a $38 tile we install it with the same attention to detail.  One is just more expensive than the other. I am happy with lots of $3 tiles, are you?  It really is the choices made by the Owner and the Architect / Designer that affect the cost of the parts of the overall project where there are many choices to be made.

It is important to identify the things that you “have to have” to complete your project.  For example, foundation, pipes, air-conditioning, etc…  Once you have quantified those items it reveals what is left in your budget for the “want to haves”.  We work with clients to provide options that meet the budget for all of these details, finishes, fixtures, and appliances.  Again, choose a GE refrigerator or a Sub Zero, both will look great in your kitchen.  One is just more expensive, don’t blame the messenger.

The Construction Zone prepares a bid which is complete, thorough and all-inclusive.  It is often being compared to bid’s that are far more optimistic and naive.  I would rather NOT get your job then have to ask you for more money for the same scope of work, because we were not thorough in our preparations.  In most cases clients who have gone elsewhere have eventually let me know that our up front analysis and pricing, that at first seemed higher, actually ended up being the BETTER VALUE.   Wouldn’t you rather know the real cost and schedule for your job, and that the company you hire is going to be there for you in the future?  The two residential projects posted below are remodels that The Construction Zone recently completed in the Phoenix Metro area.

liu remodel / debartolo architects

rapp interior / jones studio inc.

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